South Dakota Flooring

River Rock Stone/Pebble Epoxy Coating

River Rock Stone Epoxy is a beautiful product that uses a blend of natural stones along with a proprietary blend of bonding epoxy.

The pebbles or stones have been hand selected and oven dried to release all moisture from the rock for maximum bonding to the concrete or whatever substrate the rock is to be applied to. When properly installed, River Rock Epoxy is extremely strong and durable and has been driven across by the heaviest of vehicles. Cold weather, ice, snow and salt are not an issue, it is a very resilient coating that can handle shoveling and snow plows that remove snow throughout our harsh climates.

River Rock Stone Epoxy Coatings are typically used on sidewalks, patios, driveways, steps, and pool decks but can also be applied as an interior application for residential and commercial flooring. This system has been around since the 1960’s and has only improved due to new advancements of higher quality epoxies.

If you are a hotel manager, property manager, or a homeowner who currently has this product, we would be happy to reseal or do any repairs that may need to be done to your rock epoxy floor or any epoxy floor you may have for that matter.

This product is OSHA and ADA approved as a non-slip surface and we often add additional non-skid sand to increase slip resistance which makes it ideal for steps and sidewalks were slipperiness is an issue.

There is a wide variety of colors and designs that can be done with this product, we have many samples for you to look at and would be happy to help you pick out the look that fits your home or business. Logos and various stencils can be done throughout the floor as well, giving your floor a personal one of a kind look that will give any home or business an elegant look!

At Har•dy we specialize in resilient coatings that include all types of epoxies, sealers, quartz, and stone applications. We have been trained and continue to train with elite manufacturers and only purchase top of the line products that we know have been designed, produced and tested by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the business.

Har•dy’s staff is certified in these products and have immediate technical support with real folks who we have personally meet and who are just a phone call away.

The range of products we are certified to provide gives us the ability to offer our customers a variety of choices to choose from that can fit into nearly any budget.

Thank you for your interest in Har•dy and we are happy to give you a free estimate!