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Quartz Resilient Flooring

What is quartz color flooring?

Quartz flooring is the make-up of millions to billions of bounded identically perfect diametric pieces of quartz or similar aggregate stones. The quartz is broadcasted throughout an epoxy coating, or other resin or urethane based products. The epoxy and quartz bonds the floor seamlessly together giving it an incredibly resilient and durable floor or wall. Customers choose quartz floors for different reasons but mainly because it’s one of the strongest most chemical resistant floors known to man.

It is in the top of its class in slip resistant texture and meets OSHA and ADA requirements giving any business or facility the comfort in knowing they are doing there due diligence in protecting the people from slipping on their floors.

The product is used in restaurants, industrial areas, pool decks, showers, entry ways, schools, detention centers, shopping centers, sidewalks, nursing homes, stadiums, cafeterias, hospitals, and pretty much anywhere a long lasting durable floor is needed.

How it is applied is as followed:

  1. Degrease and prep the concrete floor that will be receiving the quartz floor.
  2. Grind or abrade concrete to remove any sealers and open the pores to allow epoxy adhesion.
  3. Prime the floor with a bonding primer, if needed and then apply first coat of epoxy.
  4. Fully broadcast quartz across the entire floor till point of rejection.
  5. Allow to dry then recoup unbounded quartz particles. In most cases we then apply another coat of epoxy and fully broadcast another layer of quartz till point of rejection.
  6. Recoup unbounded quartz particles and seal floor with proper sealer in accordance to what kind of traffic, chemical or residue the floor will be subject to.

What options for quartz color flooring are available?

Quartz comes in many different colors and can be blended with multiple colors to create the unique blend of colors to meet your project needs. If you are a general contractor, architect, business owner, property manager, or homeowner looking for a professional resilient coatings applicator please contact us.

We are certified in various epoxy coatings as well as a wide variety of sealers and can evaluate the project and give you the best products and options to suit your floors needs. We have knowledge of many manufacturers and their products and can accommodate applying this product in temperatures as low as 30 degrees.

In fact many products cure faster in lower temps. We also have products that can dry and be recoated in as little as 4-5 hours minimizing down time in places like restaurants.

Please email or call us with your project questions, this is what we do and are happy to help!