South Dakota Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors are a beautiful way to give your space a durable, seamless, and unique look you’ll be proud to show off. 

The process is as followed:

    A.)  Prep Concrete: Make sure the concrete is free of any oils or greases that can contaminate the product

    B.)  Repair Cracks and Pitting within the concrete

    C.)  Diamond Grind entire floor to profile concrete for proper bonding

    D.)  Apply a Base Coat of Epoxy

    E.)  Apply Top Coat of Epoxy at thick rate of 20-30 mils

Metallic Floors are easily maintained and very affordable to make new again after years of wear and tear.  The epoxy coating provides a protective coating to the concrete and will not harbor harmful bacteria’s like so many floors do.  The colors and designs are endless, we would be happy to show you samples.  Please check out our Facebook to see our latest work!