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Garage & Commercial Floors

Chip/Flake Floors and Solid Epoxy Floors

Concrete Floor Coatings are a beautiful and durable flooring option!  These floors are easy to clean and last for many years with minimum maintenance.  A lot of factors go into how well a floor turns out including floor prep, humidity, temperature, thickness, and much more.  Over the years Har•dy Floor Coatings owner and staff have trained with many different manufacturer’s products and application techniques.  We have been certified and taught the necessary techniques to make sure that these products are installed to specifications and that the appropriate prep work and procedures are followed to guarantee product performance.

Har•dy Floors Offer a Variety of Garage Floor Coatings and Commercial Floor Coatings!

It’s important to choose the right floor and product for your situation.  Whether it’s your garage floor, your basement, your machine shop, or a retail store there are different products to use depending on the type of floor you need.  Some situations call for a smoother floor, others call for a more slip resistant floor.  Some floors may require special waterproofing membranes to ensure the floor will hold up to hydro-static pressure while others require chemical resistant products to hold up against the elements your company may put it up against.  Finally, a true coatings expert is an expert in concrete repair as well, crack repair and concrete pitting repair is essential to achieving a beautiful floor, that’s how you get a show room quality floor after all!    The point is you NEED a Floor Coatings Specialist not a garage floor guy to help you pick the best floor for YOUR needs not the needs of the installer’s time line or their commitment to a specific brand or product.  Thanks for your time and as always we offer FREE ESTIMATES!

We have numerous examples of garage floors and custom jobs we’ve done for clients, just take a look at the photos below for an idea of what we can do for you.

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