South Dakota Flooring

Concrete Polishing

Services Offered:

  • Concrete polishing
  • Concrete staining
  • Mastic & glue removal
  • floor leveling
  • floor prep for carpet, tile etc.
  • Thin set removal

So what are the benefits to polished concrete?

  • Increases the hardness of the concrete 
  • Low Maintenance
  • Highly Durable
  • Elimination of Dusting and Forklift Marks
  • Fire Resistant
  • Aesthetic Beauty Without the use of Topical Coatings
  • Eco Friendly
  • Slip Resistant
  • LEED Rated

One of the biggest myths about polished concrete is that it is slippery.  This is not true, in fact, it has a coefficient friction rating of .050 to .060 as recommended by ADA title 111. The higher the polish the more slip resistant!

Types of Finishes for Polished Concrete

1.)  High Gloss 3000 Grit Polish

  •   This is the highest grit polish we offer.  It is polished up to a 3000 grit leaving it with a beautiful high gloss mirror like finish.  Extra grits are used to achieve the highest level of polished floor available.

2.)  Semi Gloss 800 Grit Polish

  • An aesthetically beautiful semi gloss finish polished to an 800 grit finish.  Although this floor has less polishing steps it still offers a gloss finish.

3.)  Matte 400 Grit Polish

  • A smooth elegant floor polished to 400 grit without the high gloss sheen.

4.)  Cream Polish or Topical Polish

  • This economical process uses burnishing and a concrete finish to achieve a cosmetically appealing floor.  This process, as well as the other polishing processes, increases concrete strength and provides a finished, sealed look!

Here’s a chart outlining the costs;

Costs PSF Installed Cost Annual Maintenance Average Life (YR)
Vinyl Sheet Flooring $2.72 $1.39 9
vINYL Tile Flooring $1.23 $1.47 15
Ceramic Mosaic Tile $6.48 $1.22 20
Quarry Tile $5.78 $0.58 20
Cement Terrazzo $8.50 $0.46 20
Granit-Glaze $6.50 $0.46 20
Polished Concrete $3.96 $0.50 20
Costs PSF Replacement Cost Total Expense 20 years Cost PSF / Year
Vinyl Sheet Flooring $3.43 $38.14 $1.91
vINYL Tile Flooring $1.60 $32.76 $1.64
Ceramic Mosaic Tile $30.88 $1.54
Quarry Tile $30.18 $1.51
Cement Terrazzo $20.10 $1.01
Granit-Glaze $15.70 $0.79
Polished Concrete   $10 $1.00


Thanks for the interest and contact us for a free estimate for reference, here’s a chart on the cost effectiveness!