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Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlay is a modified concrete mixture made from cementious material blended with an acrylic epoxy bonding solution. Overlay can be applied over existing concrete, tile, and other suitable substrates. When applied to an existing surface it has a very bondable adhesion rate, it is very strong and durable, and can be stained many different colors. The concrete overlay designs are endless and are often used to mimic hardwood, tiles, and many other designs dreamed up by are creative customers! Whether you’re looking to redo a pool deck, patio, or a basement floor this product can be an affordable and attractive option.

Are your concrete steps falling apart? Has your patio cracked or just become an eyesore? Concrete overlay is a great option in repairing and/or renewing the look of your area at a fraction of the cost of replacing! Please call or email for a free estimate.

Check out these Tips on how to find a good local Concrete Overlay or tile contractor!

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